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The Healing Ceremony of the Yachaqs of Imbabura is often described as "transformational."  Essentially, the Ceremony cleanses and balances your etheric body, your Luminous Body. This cleansing and balancing  involves the identification and removal of blockages, attachments and implants, and the reconfiguration of energetic patterns in your Luminous Body, providing you with a wealth of previously inaccessible energy.  This free flow of energy, combined with the energy from the Ancient Healing Spirits of the Yachaqs of Imbabura, creates a powerful foundation upon which you can build your life. The Ceremony provides a source of energy with which you can "transform" your Self, your Life, your  Relationships, your World.  In this sense, the Healing Ceremony of the Yachaqs of Imbabura can be described as "transformational."

During the Ceremony I call on the Ancient Healing Spirits of my Lineage: the Three Sacred Mountains (Imbabura, Huarmirasu, Mojandha), Pachamama (Mother Earth/ Time/ Cosmos), and the Seven Sacred Spirits (Fire, Water, Air, Plants and Trees, Stones, Animals, and the Condor and all Birds).  The Spirits flow through me and into you and work with your innate healing abilities.  The healing and transformation you experience originates from you and the Ancient Healing Spirits, not from me.  I am honored and blessed to serve as a vessel for this powerful healing energy; a vehicle for your growth, healing and transformation.

Soul Retrieval and Soul Loss are among the most popular terms associated with Shamanism and Shamanic Healing work. During the course of my work I have come to realize that these terms fail to adequately describe the circumstances I see while doing this work. I prefer the terms Luminous Body Fragmentation and Integration.

Luminous Body Fragmentation occurs under a variety of circumstances; usually it is a result of extreme trauma: spiritual, emotional, mental and physical. Luminous Body Fragmentation describes a condition of elemental separation between you and a vital portion of your own intrinsic Energy.

When I perceive this condition of separation the person’s luminous body resembles a cubist painting, that is, a section is disconnected from the whole by a rift. My task as Shaman is to fill this rift with energy, much like working with grout and tile; to integrate the fragment back into the whole, and thereby to reconnect this important source of Spirit Energy.

There is great significance in the Luminous Body Integration Ceremony’s capacity to return, and make available, this source of Energy. Some profound shifts occur in the Transformational process after a person has regained the connection to their separated fragment.

The Ceremony for Good Fortune is an ancient ritual of the Yachaq Shamans of Imbabura. Though ancient this ceremony is applicable to our modern world.

Good Fortune is a Spirit, an Energy with which we interact. For most of us our interaction with the Spirit of Good Fortune fluctuates, that is, we are connected to this Spirit for a time, then disconnected. This pattern repeats itself over and over.

The Alli Kausaypa Ceremony was specifically created to reconnect us with the Spirit of Good Fortune. The Ceremony cleanses our Luminous Body of accumulated “stuff,” balances and reconfigures our energetic patterns, then reconnects with Samay Alli Kausaypa, the Spirit of Good Fortune.

The Space Cleansing Ceremony is essentially a Shamanic Healing Ceremony for an environment, such as a house, office, apartment or landscape.  Space Cleansing entails the identification of Spirit entities within an environment, and the subsequent removal of energies having an adverse effect on the environment and the people within it.  Unwanted energies might be one or more of the following: an autonomous, yet parasitic, Spirit entity;  a disembodied Spirit (most often associated with tragic events which occurred in the past); or the energetic residue from powerful, traumatic experiences of the present-day inhabitants.  The adverse effects of the unwanted energies may include, but are not limited to: recurring health problems, feelings of intense unease, relationship difficulties, or an overall sense of debilitation and loss of vitality.

In the Space Cleansing Ceremony I call on the Spirits of the Sacred Mountains, the 7 Sacred Spirits and Pachamama for guidance.  Working through me, these Ancient Healing Spirits release all energetic entities producing negative influences on the current residents of the space.