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Tom's innate abilities as shaman and healer were recognized by four Ecuadorian yachaqs at a shamanic conference in New York.  Don Esteban Tamayo, and his sons, Don Jorge and Don Jose, keepers of the Shamanic Tradition of the Caras, an indigenous Quechua-speaking people of the Andes, acknowledged him as a member of their family.  They invited him to Ecuador to learn their Shamanic Heritage. He lived and trained with the Tamayos at their home in the village of Carabuela, and was initiated into the Lineage of the Yachaqkuna Imbaburaq [Shamans of Imbabura]. Tom's keen vision and insight into the blocks and obstacles inhibiting a client's growth on the Path of Spirit, and his capacity to clearly communicate this vision and insight, provide the client with an understanding of the energetic dynamics and shifts that occur within the Shamanic Healing Ceremony.  Tom Arcuti works in the US, Europe and South America.

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