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Welcome to allipacha.com, the web site for Alli Pacha Shamanic Healing Arts. This site describes some aspects of my shamanic work, plus offers selected products to assist you on your journey, such as gemstone jewelry and mineral elixirs.  Look for more information and products in the future, as we further develop our home on the web.

Please accept my sincere thanks for spending your time and energy at our web site.  Also, I’d like to express my heartfelt gratitude to Lynor for spending her time and energy in getting allipacha.com up and running into a functional web site again.

Hopefully, you will find this site to be interesting and informative; that is our goal, certainly.  However, understand that this site is only text and images on your screen, and cannot possibly convey to you the feeling and experience of our working together for healing, protection, growth and transformation.

From the shamanic perspective, it is no coincidence that you gaze at this web page at this moment.  You have drawn this web site to you for a reason and purpose. Do you know why you are at this moment reading these words?  Whatever your life conditions and circumstances might be right now, something is here for you. I respectfully suggest we make the time to explore the possibilities. Please call for a FREE initial consultation. Again, thank you for your time.

I am Tom Arcuti, a Shaman of the Imbabura Lineage, which was passed on to me by the Tamayo family, keepers of the Shamanic Tradition of the Caras, an indigenous people of the High Andes of Ecuador. I was very honored to receive their healing ceremony while living and training with them at their home in the village of Carabuela. The Tamayos initiated me into their Shamanic Tradition through rituals and visions, as it had been passed on to them by their elders, connecting us to their Ancestral Healing Spirits:

Three Sacred Volcanic Mountains

Sacred Mother Earth/Time/Cosmos

Fire, Water, Air, Plants and Trees, Stones, Animals, and the Condor and all Birds