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Alli Pacha's Alli Rumi Wholesale Crystals LLC provides crystals and minerals from around the world. In addition, we carry a range of metaphysical products, including smudge, pendulums, and jewelry.

Alli Pacha's Alli Rumi Wholesale Crystals LLC supplies products to Retail establishments. A Retail establishment is a licensed business that sells directly to the public. Examples of such businesses include metaphysical stores, spiritual and healing centers, gift shops, bookstores and nature/science shops.

We also provide wholesale products to another type of Retail business: the online retail store. Online retailers must have a website with a unique domain name. The web site must be their primary location for sales and customer interaction.

New wholesale clients are subject to a $200 minimum first order. There is no minimum for subsequent orders.

All wholesale clients must provide a copy of their Federal Tax ID number, and State business license or State Resale Certificate.

We currently offer over 300 wholesale items!

To view our wholesale products and prices, you must first establish a wholesale account.  To set up a wholesale account, please follow instructions after clicking HERE 

Lynor Lisi & Tom Arcuti – Yachaq Shaman of Imbabura

Currently available materials (updated 12/19/2012) -

Abalone Shells FL USA
Agate - Rough Brazil
Amazonite Brazil
Amblygonite Brazil
Amethyst Clusters Uruguay
Ametrine Brazil
Amphibole Brazil
Angelite Peru
Apatite Brazil
Apophyllite India
Aragonite Mexico
Aragonite Clusters Morocco *
Azurite USA
Barite Brazil
Black Amethyst Brazil
Black Kyanite Brazil
Black Onyx - Rough Brazil
Black Tourmaline Brazil
Blood Stone - Rough   *
Blue Kyanite Brazil
Boji Stones KS USA
Bronzite - Rough Brazil
Candle Quartz Madagascar
Celestite Madagascar
Chalcopyrite Mexico
Chevron Amethyst Brazil
Chlorite in Quartz Brazil
Chlorite in Quartz Natural DT *
Chocolate Opal Ethiopia *
Chrysanthemum Stone  
Chrysoprase Brazil
Citrine Brazil
Cleansing Stations FL USA
Copal Columbia
Crackle Rainbow Quartz Brazil
Desert Rose Mexico
Diamantina Laser Wands Brazil
Dream Stones Brazil
Elestial Smoky Quartz Brazil
Epidote Brazil
Faden Quartz Pakistan
Fire Agate - Rough Brazil
Fluorite China
Fluorite Octahedrons *
Fluorite Spheres Brazil
Fossil Stone Morocco
Fuchsite Brazil
Fulgarites FL USA *
Garnet Brazil
Geodes Uraguay
Gift Sets FL USA
Girasol Brazil
Gold Sheen Obsidian Mexico
Green and Brown Calcite Mexico
Green Aventurine - Rough Brazil
Green Calcite - Rough Mexico
Green Kyanite Pakistan
Green Tourmaline Brazil
Hawk Hills Quartz Brazil
Heliodor Brazil
Hematite Brazil
Herkimer Diamond New York
Hiddenite Brazil
Included Quartz Brazil
Jet China
Jewelry FL USA
Kunzite Brazil
Labradorite Madagascar
Lapis Lazuli Pakistan
Leather Amulet Pouches SC USA
Lemurian Golden Healer Brazil
Lemurian Seed Crystals Brazil
Lepidocrosite Brazil
Lepidolite Brazil
Magnetite Brazil
Malachite Africa *
Manifestation Quartz Brazil
Melanite - Black Andradite Garnet Mexico *
Moldavite Czech Republic *
Morganite Brazil
Moss Agate - Rough *
Native American Dream Catchers NC USA
Natural Quartz Points + DTs Brazil
Obsidian Mexico
Opal in Matrix Mexico
Optical Calcite Mexico
Orange Calcite Brazil
Orange Calcite Mexico
Pendulums FL USA
Petalite Brazil
Petrified Wood MT USA
Phantom Quartz Brazil
Pink Tourmaline Brazil
Polychrome Jasper Madagascar
Purple Tourmaline Brazil
Pyrite NC USA
Quartz - Clusters Brazil
Quartz - Cut & Polished Brazil
Quartz Spheres Brazil
Rainbow Obsidian Mexico *
Rainbow Pyrite Russia *
Red Calcite Mexico *
Red Jasper - Rough Brazil
Red Lemurian Brazil
Rose Quartz - Points Brazil
Rose Quartz - Rough Brazil
Rutilated Quartz Brazil
Sapphire Brazil
Selenite Morocco
Selenite Natural Clusters Mexico *
Septarian Madagascar
Serpentine Morocco
Shantilite Madagascar
Shiva Lingham India
Sillimanite & Garnet Brazil
Small Quartz Points China
Smoky Quartz - C&P and Natural Brazil
Smudge FL USA
Stilbite India
Suncatchers FL USA
Tangerine Quartz Brazil
Thailandite Ethiopia *
Tibetan Quartz Tibet
Topaz Brazil
Tourmaline in Albite Brazil
Tourmaline in Quartz Brazil
Tri-color Calcite Mexico *
Turquoise Brazil
Vanadinite Morocco
Vogel Style Wands Brazil
Welo Opal Ethiopia *
White Calcite - Rough Mexico
Yellow Apatite Brazil *
Yellow Calcite Brazil
Zoisite Ruby India